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Hey y'all, Greninja here, Gren for short and I'm here to show some of my traditional and digital art here as well as do stupid shit here hope y'all enjoy my content!
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Hey y’all, Greninja here and I’m an artist here on Newgrounds, I’ve actually been here in Newgrounds since I was a kid, sometimes watching the movies the site had and badass flash games that I would see and I’m proud that I’m finally here with an account! (I didn’t have an account back then, I was a kid since a really really long time and was just young, not knowing on creating an account). You’ll see me draw, doodle, and play some games in here alongside watching movies, even possibly make some animations if I’m capable of making them! Now into questions and answers!

Why Newgrounds?: I chose Newgrounds since it’s mainly one of the best sites to be in for art and content creation since you can basically do anything and I mean it (with some things that you also have to take in note that you should NOT do), so in a nutshell, there’s more freedom in here :P Twitter on the other hand, ok but ummm… you know how it is ._.”

Why put Archive on some?: On some pieces I’ve made, they’re old and I’ve actually improved as times passed, as I see them already done and passed by for a really long time, that’s why I put it in some, some pieces that I’ve recently done not so long ago will not have it.

Do you still do digital?: I do! In fact, I actually have a Wacom Cintiq 16 but I’ll also do finished traditional pieces with no color, but I also gotta do digital too Yknow!

Will you ever do commissions?: I’ve actually done them before in fact with TF2 keys! As time has passed, I have to plan a way now to gain money from it with PayPal and such, alongside Tf2 keys, gotta get some money and Tf2 keys.

Are all of the OCs you’ve drawn yours?: Actually, some are and some aren’t, some such as Meta the Braixen belonging to MetadaBraixen, Ember and Kanye belong to Ember the Inkling, Athreus and Athy to Athreus and so on Yknow.

What do you like: I mainly love TF2 as I’ve met extremely close people to me like MetadaBraixen, Ember and Athreus, even to me meeting more artists from a former TF2ber’s server and such! I’m also a Sonic fan and enjoy some things from Newgrounds like Madness and Tankmen!

For the moment, I’m glad to be here and I hope y’all enjoy my work! See ya frogs next time!



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